Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pecan acorn cookies and chocolate-dipped chestnut sandwich cookies - Gourmet and Kinfolk

Pecan acorns

Soon it's Christmas and I've already baked and eaten dozens of cookies/biscuits this Advent season. I've made jamaretti (Martha Stewart), pecan sandies (Hummingbird Bakery), rugelach (Dorie Greenspan), gingerbread shapes (Primrose Bakery), spritz cookies (from this video), clodhoppers...

Now it is time for something new and different.

Chocolate dipped chestnut sandwich cookies

Yesterday, I was given a copy of the latest Kinfolk magazine for Xmas by the best colleague one could wish for, it's a delight to read. There is an article about cookies with recipes and this is the one I immediately wanted to bake. It helped that I had all the ingredients at home. I even attempted to temper the chocolate. Chestnut cream and chocolate, what's not to love? Exactly. Make these, you know you want to. And the magazine is great, this issue is about life in winter, slowing down and coming through rejuvenated.

The acorn cookies come from the Gourmet cookie book. This book is available second-hand online and is really great for cookie-baking times. Totally recommended. OK, so my acorns aren't really acorn-shaped, but with some imagination, you'll get there. I used pecans instead of walnuts. They have a great buttery, nutty taste that is well complemented by the chocolate. They spread a bit.

Advent scene
 I have also made Pierre Hermé's caramel truffles, some speculoos truffles and a few cupcakes to give away. I admit I'm a bit clueless as to what I'll cook on Christmas itself and just hope the others will be too busy playing with their new toys to notice.